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Root Canal Therapy

A root canal treatment is a procedure that is performed on a tooth which is so badly damaged by either decay or injury. As a result, the tooth can cause symptoms such as severe spontaneous toothache or prolonged hypersensitivity to temperature and pressure.

The pulp which contains the nerve and blood vessels is removed, enabling the tooth that was causing pain to be saved. A root canal treatment is performed over 2-3 appointments by either one of our dentists. In specific cases, it may be necessary to be referred to an endodontist (specialist in root canal treatment).

The inflamed or infected pulp is removed and each canal is cleaned. Medication will be placed inside of the root canal to cease the inflammation and infection. The pulp chamber is then sealed with a root filling to complete the root canal treatment. In most cases, an artificial crown is then recommended to be placed over the tooth to restore the tooth’s form and function.